Monday is D-DAY for the African National Congress (ANC) as the governing party’s top leadership meet to decide the fate of President Jacob Zuma.

The powerful National Executive Committee (NEC) will gather at Irene outside Pretoria, reportedly to endorse a decision by the party’s National Working Commnittee (NWC) to recall Zuma as Head of State.

This follows a week of behind the scenes discussions, led by party president Cyril Ramaphosa who had engaged into face to face talks with Zuma to negotiate his voluntary resignation from office.

Some political observers have described it as a “watershed” moment for the ANC as the governing party mulls the second recall of the sitting Head of State.

Whilst details of Zuma’s impending exit deal have been kept secret, pressure has been mounting from within the ANC and its alliance partners to recall the President,or risk facing a nationwide shut-down led by opposition parties and civil society organisations.

The more than 80-member ANC National Executive Committee will meet and decide on the fate of the President, a decision which will be crucial for the political stability of the country regarded as one of Africa’s economic powerhouses.



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