Matriculants are eagerly awaiting the 2017 matric results due to be released between the 3rd and 4th of January 2018.

The Ipsos Pulse of the People ™ survey conducted amongst 3,500 South Africans between the 2nd of November and the 4th of December asked whether South Africans believe that the 2017 Matriculants have a bright future ahead of them.

Almost half of South Africans (49%) agreed that the class of 2017 have a bright future ahead of them.

However, 21% of South Africans disagreed that a bright future awaits the 2017 matriculants.

Those aged 15-24 years were the most positive, with the majority indicating that the future for matriculants is bright – yet, this optimism decreased with age with those aged 25 and older being less likely to hold positive predictions for the new graduates.

Looking at the views in the various provinces, those in the North West (63%) and KwaZulu Natal (61%) hold the most positive views about the future prospects of the 2017 Matriculants. However, the Western Cape and Eastern Cape show the most concern with less than 40% agreeing that the future is bright for these pupils.

Province Top 2 Box (Strongly Agree/Agree)


North West 63
KwaZulu Natal 61
Mpumalanga 58
Northern Cape 54
Free State 53
Gauteng 46
Limpopo 43
Eastern Cape 39
Western Cape 38

Considering the political climate of the country and the influence party preference may hold over these views, it is also interesting to note that ANC supporters generally hold a positive view of the future of the Graduates, with 58% agreeing that they have a bright future, followed by EFF supporters (50%) and DA supporters (39%).

Half of South Africans Optimistic About 2018

South Africans welcomed 2018 with renewed enthusiasm. Findings from the Ipsos Pulse of the People ™ survey indicated that just under half (49%) of South Africans are feeling optimistic about 2018.

The North West (60%) and KwaZulu Natal (58%) provinces were the most optimistic, with only 3 out of 10 (35%) South Africans living in the Northern Cape sharing their enthusiasm for 2018.

Top 2 Box (Strongly Agree/Agree)


North West 60
KwaZulu Natal 58
Mpumalanga 55
Western Cape 49
Limpopo 45
Gauteng 44
Free State 44
Eastern Cape 43
Northern Cape 35

Political party preference also indicates that ANC supporters are more optimistic about the year with 55% agreeing with the statement: “In general, I feel optimistic about 2018,” followed by EFF supporters (50%) and DA supporters (43%).

Technical Detail

Fieldwork for this study was conducted from 2 November to 7 December 2017.  A total of 3,562 South Africans, 15 years and older, were interviewed.  They were randomly selected and interviewed face-to-face in their homes and home languages. Interviews were conducted all over the country, from metropolitan areas to deep rural areas. This methodology ensured that the results are representative of the views of the universe and that findings can be weighted and projected to the universe – i.e. South Africans 15 years and older.

Trained quantitative fieldworkers from all population groups were responsible for the interviewing and CAPI (Computer-Assisted Personal Interviewing) was used. All results were collated and analysed in an aggregate format to protect the identity and confidentiality of respondents.

All sample surveys are subject to a margin of error, determined by sample size, sampling methodology and response rate. The sample error for this sample at a 95% confidence level is a maximum of 1.63%.