Claim against ANCYL for alleged Kathrada memorial disruption postponed

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A civil claim in the Durban High Court against the African National Congress Youth League (ANCYL) in KwaZulu-Natal for the alleged disruption of a memorial service for the ANC stalwart Ahmed Kathrada, has been postponed indefinitely.

The claim was lodged by the Active Citizens Movement (ACM) after they obtained an interdict for the Youth League not to disrupt the event.

The service was organised by the ACM. Despite the interdict, the memorial descended into chaos as speakers were booed.

The ACM submitted four claims in court against the Youth League. They want the Youth League to apologise to the Ahmed Kathrada Foundation and the Kathrada family, as well as the public, while paying the ACM’s legal costs and make a donation to a charitable organisation.

The legal representatives for the Youth League told the court that the organisation is being liquidated. They said the Youth League would not be able to meet some of the ACM’s demands, like a cost order and a contribution to a charity.

“In fact the ANCYL is liquidated, even us as Active Citizens Movement and our attorneys we were only told on the 11th hour that the ANCYL is liquidated, in the meantime we have made extensive preparations for this case. We made preparations to engage senior council and junior council, to appear in court and argue the matter, as a result of that conduct by the ANCYL and its legal representatives; the matter was not able to proceed. Our view is that the ANCYL is not only financially bankrupt but also morally and ethically bankrupt as well as politically bankrupt,” says ACM’s Yousuf Vawda.

The matter will not proceed until a trustee is appointed to deal with the Youth League’s financial affairs. ANC Youth League members did not attend the court proceedings.