Civil summons issued for debt increase to 12.5% in 2021

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Statistics South Africa’s (StatsSA) newly released data shows that the total number of civil summonses issued for debt last year increased by 12.5 percent compared with 2020.

The major contributors to the increase were civil summonses relating to ‘other’ debts, money lent, promissory notes, and services.

The total number of civil judgments recorded for debt in 2021 also increased by 10.5 percent compared with 2020.

Deputy Director for Survey Statistician at Stats SA Juan-Pierre Terblanche says, “Other debts refer to all other kinds of outstanding debts like salaries and wages, medical funded sponsored debt class intuition debt, tax assessment debt and property levies.”

‘Services’ is a combination of professional services and other services, such as municipal services – except outstanding assessment rates – plumbers, mechanics, panel beaters and electricians,” added Terblanche.

The video from earlier this month is on rising interest rates driving SA consumers deeper into debt: