Civil society organisation Dear SA expresses concern over BELA Bill

Civil society organisation
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Civil society organisation Dear SA has expressed concern over the Basic Education Laws Amendment (Bela Bill), which seeks to revise essential education laws in the country. The organisation says that not enough public sentiment or opinion has been considered as far as the bill is concerned.

The Bill has stirred up controversy, and courted widespread criticism from opposition parties as well as civil society groups.

They’re concerned about the criminalisation of parents and caregivers whose children are not attending school.

Dear SA Spokesperson, Nolu Maki, says, “Our purpose is to give the public to participate and have their say on this BELA Bill, and for this bill alone we’d had more than 90% of the people who have said they are not for this Bill and those people, of course, they’re parents who have concerns around this Bill. So, our sentiment is that the parents are concerned and they’re showing quite a frustration when it comes to the Bill, because some of them they say that they feel that when it comes to the education of this country, it is becoming now more politicised.”

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