Civil Aviation Authority welcomes court ruling against CemAir

CemAir plane
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The South African Civil Aviation Authority, SACAA, has welcomed the Johannesburg High Court’s judgment in favour of its suspension of CemAir Airline. On Wednesday, the court dismissed the airline’s application to overturn SACAA’s enforcement action that saw the regulatory body grounding the airline based on findings from its audit. SACAA found that CemAir did not comply with over ten regulations. The airline now has to return its certificates, allowing the airline to operate, back to the regulator.

CemAir was also grounded in December 2018, but was allowed to fly again following a High Court order that lifted its suspension on condition that it complied with aviation regulations.

SACAA Spokesperson, Phindi Gwebu says they view the High Court’s decision as a confirmation of the prioritising of safety.

“The CAA does not view the Johannesburg High Court’s decision as a victory for the regulator but more as a confirmation that safety of the people will always take precedence when decisions of aviation safety and security are made. It serves as a reminder to the aviation community that we all have a duty to prioritise the lives of those who put their safety in our hands.”