Civil Aviation Authority suspends CemAir

CemAir plane
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The Civil Aviation Authority has suspended CemAir from flying any of its 21 aircrafts in the county. This is after the airline was found to be non-compliant, with a number of violations of the Civil Aviation Act. Among the violations is that CemAir failed to produce proof of the appointment of an approved and qualified person for a critical position as required by the Civil Aviation Regulations.

Furthermore CemAir has been operating some aircraft outside of permissible loading limits – meaning the weights of passengers and baggage declared by the flight crew were not the same with those recorded by the service provider contracted by CemAir.

The Authority’s audit team has also recommended to the Director of Civil Aviation to revoke CemAir’s Air Operator Certificates. The suspension has been active since Thursday afternoon when the airline was notified.

Simon Segwabe from the Executive Aviation Safety Operations at the SA Aviation Authority says that CemAir will have to apply for a new operating certificate.

“Based on the findings that we now have, CemAir’s air operating certificate has been suspended meaning none of their 21 aircrafts may be operated.  Well currently what happened is that inspectors made recommendations to the director which is seeking to revoke the approval issue to CemAir. Once the certificate is revoked that means the renewal process that was underway will be terminated, and CemAir will have to apply for a new certificate of their air operating certificate.”

SACAA Suspends CemAir Air Operator Certificate 13 December 2018 (Text)

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