Johannesburg’s City Power has implemented stage 2 load shedding owing to a loss of generating capacity at the Kelvin substation.

As a result, the city’s residents will no longer be granted a reprieve from load shedding.

“City Power receives electricity from two lines at the Kelvin power station which contributes about 10% with the rest coming from Eskom. We lost one of the lines which was impacted by the damage to the 275kv Prospect/Sebenza Line. That happened on Saturday night. The other line did not recover from that damage so it’s now currently out and only one has been commissioned,” says City Power spokesperson, Isaac Mangena.


Meanwhile, Eskom says it will suspend stage 2 load shedding for two hours from 16h00 until 18h00 in an effort to ease traffic congestion as part of a pilot programme.

According to Eskom, this respite from load shedding will be given “during early morning and evening traffic periods from 06h00-09h00 and 16h00-18h00 when possible” as “a pilot programme aimed at achieving an appropriate load shedding philosophy for the country”.

Eskom has stated that although it may not be able to do this everyday, it will update South Africans regularly.