City Power now able to stick load shedding schedules

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Joburg electricity utility City Power, says that it is able to stick to the load shedding schedule after recently taking over the responsibility of implementing rolling blackouts in some areas of the city, from power utility Eskom. This despite complaints from consumers of irregular scheduling by the utility, as well as its implementation of a two- hours on, and two- hours off intervals of power cuts.

“What we have communicated, we do definitely stick to. We have not received complaints about areas that are supposed to be load shed, or haven’t been load shed. The only issue was not being used to the new schedule, where you find that people are still looking at their suburbs or the old blocks from the old schedule. But you also find that some of the people also looked at the schedule from private apps and some of those private apps did not update in time, when we migrated to this new process. The idea behind taking over was not only that we wanted to do away with the four hours- but there are many other benefits, except the fact that we are doing the two hours,” says Isaac Mangena, City Power’s spokesperson.

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