City of Johannesburg to be without a mayor until Friday

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The City of Johannesburg will have to remain without a mayor for at least until the end of the week.

This after the Speaker of Council, Colleen Makhubele postponed the voting for a new mayor to Friday.

Councillors of different political parties asked for endless caucus breaks that lasted for the whole day.

VIDEO: City of Johannesburg to elect new mayor amid coalition squabbles

Last month, Al Jama-ah’s Thapelo Amad resigned from the position, leaving the city without a mayor.

Just like other metros in Gauteng such as Ekurhuleni and Tshwane, the City of Johannesburg has been marred with instabilities in leadership.

In Johannesburg, coalition parties continue to struggle to reach an agreement.

Makhubele elaborates: “Councillors, this whole day we have been all over the place. Clearly we are not ready to elect an executive mayor. Councillors keep asking for caucus breaks and I cannot deny them. Caucus breaks are a right for every party to have. But it is clear to me that the conduct of this council to conduct the business of the day is in question. Therefore, I’m adjourning this meeting.”

Meanwhile, the national chairperson of ActionSA, Michael Beaumont has expressed unhappiness over the adjournment of the City of Johannesburg Council but says it was no surprise.

The reason behind the delays was reportedly due to deliberations regarding which party from the ANC-EFF and minority alliance would field a mayoral candidate.

Beaumont says without leadership in the city no one ensures oversight and accountability on city officials.

“I think it was expected we’ve seen this time and again when the ANC and the EFF’s house are not in order, they are willing to adjourn the meeting and the delay proceedings without a regard that more than half a million rand was spent to convene 270 councillors for a meeting like this and without regard for the fact the City of Johannesburg continues with very complex challenges without any political leadership. Right now, the officials of Johannesburg are doing as they please and right now there’s no oversight of the leadership, of the officials in the city that is desperate for service delivery and some certainty of leadership.”