The City of Johannesburg‘s Finance MMC Jolidee Matongo has welcomed proposals that councillors should not get salary increases this year.

Residents were outraged by a proposal that councillors could see their salaries increase by 6% in 2020, while municipalities are predicting billions of rand in revenue shortfall.

Matongo was presenting his Medium Term Budget Speech, which dropped the proposed R200 tariff increase for pre-paid electricity and put water and electricity increases at 6.6% and 6.2% respectively.

“Madam Speaker we will as a matter of urgency set up a triple unit to expand our own resources within the pressures of economy and the fiscus, we welcome the challenge on the 0% increase for councillors. I am sure each party will have a discussion about this particular matter.”

Matongo says the budget has taken to account the current economic climate.

“We have taken a decision to reduce the property rates tariff from the proposed 4.9% to 4%, we have taken a decision to drop water tariff from proposed 8.6% to 6.6% inline with the rand water increase. “

“Equally we have taken a decision to reduce the proposed electricity tariff from the proposed 8.10 % to 6.23%.”