City of Johannesburg launches CCTV undercover reaction unit

CCTV Control room
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The City of Johannesburg has launched a CCTV undercover reaction unit. 80 Metro Police will be deployed in and around Johannesburg CBD to police crime. With the help of the cameras, the undercover cops will make immediate arrests. This is in a bid to end crime in the CBD.

Big Brother will be watching like hawk 24/7 in the Johannesburg CBD. The city’s Metro police will be working undercover in the Braamfontein, Berea and Yoville ensuring safety for residents.

Close to 500 CCTV cameras from the operations centre will help me identify the hotspots.

Metro police MMC for public safety, Michael Sun, says that this move was implemented due to the spike in crime since the closure of the M2.

“It was brought to our attention that because of the closure of the M2 east and west, there has been a spike in crime; especially when the vehicles are stationary because the congestion created an opportunity for the criminals to do smash and grabs.”

People have welcomed this initiative.

“It will be much better to have police around us because we are victims of crime; we end up losing our belongings.”

However, some are concerned on whether the initiative will yield results.

“Crime is killing the economy of Johannesburg. I believe the number and the size of the police that we are promised is not enough; we need more.”

The JMPD will be beefed-up with 1 500 more officers in October.

“Pick pocketing, mugging, and smash and grabs are just some if the frequent crimes happening in the busy streets of Johannesburg CBD. That is all about to change if JMPD’s plan goes accordingly, but locals are sceptical; saying they will only believe it when they see it.”