City of Joburg cuts water at Leeuwkop Prison for R9.8 million debt

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City of Johannesburg is cracking down on those who owe large amounts on their municipal bills – including a businessman and a prison complex.

The businessman, who owes more than R6 million for outstanding water and electricity tariffs, has been arrested.

Johannesburg Metro Police Department say he had illegally connected water supply and electricity at his business premises in Roodepoort.

Leeuwkop Prison

The City of Johannesburg’s Nkosana Lekotjolo says, “The operation also went to the Leeuwkop Prison, where the city shutdown the water supply to the prison, because the prison also owes the city close to 10 million for water services. The city warns that those who continually connect illegally to its water and electricity services, or tamper the infrastructure that they face the possibility of arrest.”

“We urge all those who connect [illegally] to our electricity supply and water supply to resist from doing that. We urge those who owe the city, to come forward and present themselves for any arrangement so that they continue to pay their bill,” pleads Lekotjolo.