City of Joburg confirms re-instating Brink as City Manager

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The City of Johannesburg metro council has confirmed re-instating Floyd Brink as City Manager.

This week the City lost an appeal of a ruling of the High Court in Johannesburg, which set aside Brink’s appointment.

He was appointed City Manager in February this year despite allegedly not meeting the vetting requirements.

The court ruled in the Democratic Alliance’s (DA) application that the process to appoint Brink was procedurally flawed.

In a statement, the City of Joburg says it re-tabled and adopted its previously adopted report to appoint Brink as City Manager today.

The City says it still believes the High Court failed to independently and without bias consider the valid and substantial legal arguments presented before it on the process taken by the Council in approving the report to appoint the City Manager in February 2023.

It adds that they have resolved to re-table the report on the appointment of Brink and to ratify the areas identified by the Court as rendering the appointment unlawful, invalid and unconstitutional.

The City believes this now renders its intention to petition the Supreme Court of Appeal moot.

VIDEO: City of Joburg fights to keep Floyd Brink as City Manager: