The City of Cape Town has appealed to residents to consider alternative arrangements for burials and cremations. The demand for burials on weekends, especially Saturdays, remains high due to the COVID-19 pandemic. More than 600 burials were held this past week alone.

Over the past few years, the City of Cape Town has raised concerns about the lack of burial space. The COVID-19 pandemic has compounded the problem.

“In the last week, the city has facilitated about 622 burials across our cemeteries with 161 bodies needing to be buried at Maitland Cemetery, 121 at Welmoed, and 87 at Kliproad. There were also 231 cremations,” says Mayoral Committee Member for Community Services, Zahid Badroodien.

Burials during the week and cremations are being suggested.

Public opinion on the matter varies.

Resident Adelaide Campbell says, “I think the best is to do cremations because bodies are piling up and there is no space anymore at the graveyards. So, the best is to cremate the people. That will work out fine.”

Cremation industry is under pressure as more people die due to coronavirus: