Former president Kgalema Motlanthe has urged South African leaders to create platforms for citizens to contribute to shaping the country’s future, and help resolve some of the challenges.

In an exclusive interview with the SABC, Motlanthe also spoke about land redistribution.

He chaired the high-level panel on land reform, which called for the Ingonyama Trust Act to be repealed, saying the aim is that land must be given to the people, including those who live within the jurisdiction of traditional leaders.

On building a better future for the country, Motlanthe says everyone’s voice must be heard.

“We must understand that over and above our own individual interests, or political party interests, there are the interests of the South Africans as a nation… And that’s what we must pursue, we must find a way for them to come to the fore and make their contribution. They don’t only have concerns and demands and complaints. They have wonderful suggestions, practical suggestions,” adds Motlanthe.

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