Citizens urged to arrive early for Presidential inauguration

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Government has called on citizens that are planning to attend the Presidential Inauguration to arrive early to avoid disappointment as Loftus Versveld stadium in Pretoria will have limited public capacity.

There is no accreditation needed for the public, but rather security clearance where they will be issued with wrist bands for entry.

Preparations and rehearsals are underway for Saturdays’ Presidential inauguration. Alongside invited guests, over 30 000 people from Gauteng and other provinces will be transported by bus to the stadium while 10 000 more will be allowed to walk in.

However, no private vehicles will be allowed near the stadium. Parking space has been provided at Tshwane Events Centre, where bus shuttles to the stadium will be provided from as early as 3am.

Everyone, however will have to start at the nearby Affies High School for security clearance.

Acting GCIS DG, Phumla Williams, says that all those entering the stadium will be given wrist bands.

“What we saying all of them those who are coming from Tshwane Events Centre bus, those that will be walking through because its nearby; they will have to go Effies so that they are cleared to make sure that they do not get into the stadium with things that have been prohibited and they will be given wrist bands.”

The event has been moved from the custom Union Buildings. It’s still not clear how much costs will be incurred, but government has reiterated that it will be R100 million less.

Williams says that they will know the exact price once they have received all the invoices.

“I know that the media keeps saying how much? How much? I think you will know the exact amount once you have received all the invoices…I think the minister did say it’s not going to exceed R120 (million).”

Some public members are keen on attending the ceremony.

“I’m so interested, I can’t wait to go and watch him, he’s a very good president, we support him 100%.”

However, others hold a different view.

“I’m actually doing everything for myself; the government has not helped me with anything so far since. I’m about 30 years old now, I don’t trust them. I’m paying tax just. I don’t know, what do you call it? Inauguration?I don’t trust the president, I don’t trust them all.”

Residents are expected to be seated by 10am before the President elect arrives.