Seven people from India and Japan embarked on a two month peace walk from Mahatma Gandhi Square in Johannesburg to Mvezo village where Nelson Mandela was born. This as this week marks five years since the passing of Nelson Mandela.

These people endured hard terrains from Pretoria all the way to Mvezo. They embarked on this pilgrimage to spread a message of peace and non-violence.

The walk was all in honour of Mandela, who would have turned 100 years this year and Mahatma Gandhi 150th birth anniversary.

“For the last two years we have been walking through the world in commemoration of Mahatma Gandhi. Mandela shared the same philosophy in how he managed the world. We travelled the world to spread these messages,” says Nitin Sonawan a participant.

“The walk was a great experience we met a lot of wonderful people from South Africa,” says Sakshi Mathuria another participant.

Meanwhile, at a World Aids Day at the Nelson Mandela Museum, people said Tata would have appreciated the strides made against the pandemic.

“We know HIV/AIDS was close to Tata Nelson Mandela’s heart. He would’ve appreciated the day because he wanted all vulnerable people to feel safe. So we are promoting health awareness and we are serious in fighting against HIV/AIDS,” says Andiswa Vikilahle, chairperson of the Nelson Mandela Museum.

“We want to spread information and reach more people as we can so we can eradicate new infections. We notice that we still receive more people that get infected and we believe that with more information we will win the fight,” says Thozama Madubela, Nelson Mandela Regional Hospital Manager.

Health practitioners and attendees also took to taxi ranks to spread the message.

In the same year that Madiba would have turned 100, his grandson Mandla Mandela announced on social media that his family has grown with 20 more fingers and 20 more toes after his wife Nosekeni gave birth to twins.