Ordinary South Africans have described how State Capture has affected their lives. They spoke-out during a gathering at Constitutional Hill in Johannesburg.

Citizens say the economic implications of State Capture have severely impacted their daily lives.

The Civil Society Working Group on State Capture organised the event under the theme “The people’s hearing on State Capture: Dear Judge Zondo”.

Two South Africans have voiced their frustrations…

“The issue of State Capture, it affects us the young entrepreneurs because they don’t give us an opportunity. The money circulates around those three companies, two companies. It’s all about who do you know, how are you connected to the person that is inside. All government entities, especially those who are given power or authority to deal and distribute funding. They report to those elite people that are capturing whatever that is happening in the country right now.”

“South African problems are structured so perhaps one must look at that through the prism of participation of people within the economy and even those who are said to have delved into the national purse, obviously their reasons were economical. The thread going through all that is for profit.”


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