Churches engaged in criminal activities will not be supported: Sono

Bishop Mosa Sono
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Bishop Mosa Sono of the Grace Bible Church says they will not support any churches that engage in criminal activities.

Johannesburg Metro Police have revealed that some of the churches that have been shut down in Hillbrow and Yeoville were found to be used for peddling drugs and human trafficking.

Over 20 churches in Johannesburg were raided and this resulted in ten of them being shut down. The churches were found to be in violation of the city’s by-laws.

Sono led a group of churches during an engagement with the Metro police. He says partnerships with law enforcement agencies are important.

“Churches that do human trafficking certainly must be shut down. Churches that peddle drugs must be shut down. If people’s lives are in danger, they must be shut down. By the way, we have the courts of the land that are prosecuting people in that regard, that’s why we never go into any defense. But there are other churches. Under a tree, historically in South Africa we have had these kinds of churches for years. So even if we say, by-laws and so on are there any way were can discuss around that. Maybe let’s talk and find one another.”