Church in the North West lends helping hand with food parcels

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Although the national lockdown has created difficult conditions for everyone, it is the poor and the needy who are hardest hit.

Most are going hungry and are looking to government for support. However, in areas where support has not arrived,  local good samaritans have stepped forward to lend a helping hand, by providing food parcels, to those in need.

The Mmabatho Lutheran Church Women’s Prayer League has donated food parcels to destitute families at Mmabatho Extension 39 in the North West. One of the beneficiaries is 54-year old Reginah Moloantwa, who stays with her three daughters.

“We will be able to eat something especially now that I am unemployed together with my children. I would like to thank God and wish that he blesses them,” says Moloantwa.

The Lutheran Church says it’s practising what it’s preaching.

“We usually say that love your neighbour as you love yourself. Now is the time that we do what Christ has said to love our neighbour and to take care of them,” says Rev Pontsho Kgoadi.

“We came here to encourage them to pray to God to grant them the serenity to accept the situation that they cannot change, like this situation of coronavirus nobody can change it but we are giving everything and the glory to the Lord,” says Lerato Phetwe, Chairperson of Women’s Prayer League.