Political parties extend Christmas wishes to South Africans

Christmas card
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Some political parties and various leaders in Parliaments have extended their best wishes to South Africans and Christians who observe Christmas Day.

Among them are the ANC, DA, EFF, IFP, NFP, ACDP, UDM and the Freedom Front Plus.

Jackson Mthembu of the African National Congress (ANC) says: My message would be very simple. Let them spend  time with their families. Because like us in Parliament we have left our families in other provinces, working here away from our families. This is a Christmas time where we then just need to get together with our families and spent quality time with our families. That’s the message that we would also like to be encouraging to all South Africans. Let’s spend time with our families. Because without a family you are nothing.”

Mmusi Maimane of the Democratic Alliance (DA) says: “May I take this opportunity to wish all South Africans a wonderful Christmas and for all Christians celebrating, I wish them all strength, wish them a time of reflection and joy and peace. I urge all South Africans that we be safe on our roads over this festive season that we demonstrate to the people of this world that as a country we are a country that obeys the rule of law. I wish all matriculants expecting their results those who succeed to do well and that next year we can build a year upon which we can build a prosperous South Africa for all. Let’s all build a home where we could in fact ensure that this country can advance the benefits of freedom for all our people. May God richly bless our country.”

Hlengiwe Mkhalipi of the (EFF) Economic Freedom Fighters says:  “We would like to send a revolutionary Christmas to our people, to our society to say that they must enjoy the Christmas and they must be peaceful.”

Mangosuthu Buthelezi of the Inkatha Freedom Party (IFP) says: “We should appreciate the fact that Christmas is the time when we remember the  birth of Christ actually. The Prince of Peace. Under  all these circumstances we should as much as possible be calm and actually in order to tackle these very  complex problems  confronting our country that we need to enter them with calm minds and actually with hope and determination because  after all, hope is something that  is sustained as us South Africans even  during the struggle for liberation.”

Themba Godi of the African People’s Convention (APC)  says: “The APC wishes the people of our country an  enjoyable and peaceful Christmas and wish that on  this occasion we could all extend warmth brotherhood  and sisterhood to everyone, especially those amongst us  who do not have as much  as others have to for once enjoy Christmas  like all of us. May we use this day to be happy to be with families to be with friends and to cultivate a sense of community as it was in the past.”

Kenneth Meshoe of the African Christian Democratic Party (ACDP) says: “On behalf of the Christian Democratic Party I wish all South Africans to have a blessed, peaceful and time off resting even as they celebrate the birth of our lord Jesus Christ. On Christmas Day. That’s when we remember God’s greatest love for humankind, for he gave his only begotten son so that those who believe in him should not perish but have everlasting life.”

Nhlamhla Khubisa of the National Freedom Party (NFP) says: “We want to call all and sundry to drive with care. Both not to drink and drive and also to remember those who don’t have anything to eat and families to be together is a moment of love, joy and unity. We wish everyone a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.”

Nqabayomzi Kwankwa of the United Democratic Movement (UDM) says: “I think it’s important for us to state that we want to make sure that people of South Africa enjoy a splendiferous festive season and a prosperous new year but as they do so they have to get ready for 2019 because there are elections in 2019. And if they are not happy with some of the things that were happening with the political arena over the past twelve months they now have an opportunity to influence the direction of the country once and for all.”

Pieter Groenewald of the Freedom Front Plus (FF-PLUS) says: “Christmas reminds us that there is always someone that looks after us, that is also there to give us hope because the message of Christmas is a message of hope, because if we do believe in our Holy Father then we know that  he will give us the strength to overcome the challenges. People may even be worried where they are going to get the money to see there is food on the table, because maybe they are unemployed. Some people are very poor, but we must always remember that in our Holy Father we will get the support and the hope. Therefore I want to wish everybody in South Africa a Merry Christmas. And may you spend your time with your loved ones.”