In its bid to further strengthen tourism ties with China, South Africa held a conference to promote artistic and cultural exchanges in Pretoria.

The conference was also attended by delegates from Lesotho, strengthening cultural and tourism ties.

The bilateral cooperation seeks to promote intercultural tourism.

With China being one of South African tourism’s core markets in Asia; it contributes positively to tourism’s share of the GDP.

Regional GM South Africa Hannel Slabber says:”In South Africa, Chinese travellers spent over 2.3 billion rand in the South African economy last year. I just want to tell our Chinese colleagues we hope that Africa is going to get most of that 259 million to our travellers.”

Currently a 178 billion US dollars coming from China into our economy in Africa, contributes over 8% of the Continent’s GDP.

China also aims at growing its cultural relations with South Africa.

African Tourism Director Doris Worfer says:”They are looking into a partnership with the South African government and sign with them to get support for intercultural exchange where they would like to bring in China tourists into South Africa.”

Worfer said this will encourage cooperation that will see economic growth in the country.

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