China approves 40 COVID-19 antigen test kits

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China’s national medical product regulator on Sunday granted market approval to an antigen test kit that can detect COVID-19.

So far China has approved 40 COVID-19 antigen test kits to meet patients’ demands for medical tools.

Demand for rapid antigen test kits has increased significantly after China issued optimized control measures for COVID-19.

China released a circular on further optimizing the COVID-19 response on December 7, announcing 10 prevention and control measures.

The measures were introduced based on the latest epidemic situation and mutation of the virus to contain the epidemic in a more scientific and targeted manner, according to the circular issued by the State Council joint prevention and control mechanism against COVID-19.

According to the new measures, risk areas will be labelled more precisely at the level of households, floors and buildings, and should not be broadened arbitrarily. All forms of temporary closed-off management will be banned.

Nucleic acid testing should be carried out in a narrowed range and reduced frequency.

Test results and health codes are no longer required to enter most public places except special places such as care homes, welfare institutes, hospitals, kindergartens, and primary and high schools.

People who travel across different regions no longer need to have their nucleic acid test results or health code checked, and no need to take testing upon arrival.