Child’s body found in north of Durban

A lab technician doing a DNA test
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Phoenix community members north of Durban have swamped the scene where the body of a child has been found.

The body is yet to be identified as speculation intensifies that it could be the missing Durban boy Miguel Louw.

Glen Naidoo from the KwaZulu-Natal VIP Protection Unit says he was responding to a robbery on Longberry Road in Phoenix when the child’s body was found.

“Whilst looking for the suspects we noticed the nasty smell of something decomposing in the bush and found the body of a young child. Right now it cannot be confirmed on whose body it is. We can only wait for forensics to do the DNA testing.”

The boy disappeared from Sydenham, in Durban in July.

A 43-year old man, Mohamed Ebrahim, was granted bail last month in connection with Louw’s disappearance.

Ebrahim has been charged with child trafficking.

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