Children of farm workers in Oudtshoorn have fun as they commemorate Mandela Day

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About 100 of Lategansvlei farm workers’ children in the Little Karoo, were treated to a fun-filled day, while also contributing their 67 minutes ahead of Mandela Day.

The children used to play soccer on gravel roads, and did not have any other recreational activities to keep them busy, however, farm owner, Dario Urbanski, ensured that a sports field was built, with donations received from his friends in Germany.

Watch: Children of farm workers treated to a fun-filled day ahead of Mandela Day celebrations  

Sports field

A local resident, Piet Dewald (25) says it’s still astonishing how the bushy area was converted into such a beautiful sports field.

“It wasn’t like it is now. It was a big bushy area, but look how it has changed.  It’s very good. He has a very special place in our hearts; he does everything for the community.  We are very grateful for Dario.” says Dewald.

To manage all the donations coming in from Germany, the Spekbos Lategansvlei Non-Profit Organisation entrusted with ensuring that the local community is cared for.

Chairperson of the Organisation, Luzet Reuter says, “We have a group of mostly girls, one man and my husband.  We have Dario, Gustav and Danie doing our field for us every now and again. Our girls just run the show. We have to keep them down, especially Dario. If he comes up with an idea he rolls with it and we just have to put on the brakes.  We only have two hands, but we’re five women so we do it.”

The sports field boasts a brand new stage, where the youngsters were able to show off their dance moves. They also contributed their 67 minutes for Mandela Day- by cleaning the area around the sports field.

Dario Urbanski says they are a tight-knit community.

67 Cupcakes

He adds, “When somebody gets hurt, everyone feels hurt.  When someone is happy, everybody is happy.  It’s good to have such people who take hands and not only ask for hand-outs.  They do what is needed.”

The children also decorated 67 cupcakes which were donated to a local old age home to each of the 67 residents.