Chief Albert Luthuli Memorial lecture: Samia Nkrumah calls for Africa to unite

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Chairperson of Ghana’s Convention People’s Party and daughter of that country’s first president, Kwame Nkrumah, says the biggest challenge Africa is facing is its people rising against each other.

Samia Nkrumah was delivering the Chief Albert Luthuli Memorial lecture in Durban.

She says Africans should unite and stop seeing each other as foreigners.

“We are having this conversation at a time when recent developments in our continent necessitate that we quicken our steps towards unity. Today, we see African states occasionally closing their borders over trade and security issues. We see Africans rising against fellow Africans over economic discontent and sheer frustration. It is time we Africans stop seeing each other as foreigners.”

Nkrumah also says through unity, Africa would be in a stronger position to control its economy and deal with security issues.

“It’s obvious that we cannot do much if we are divided. The only way we can have the power to control our resources is to unite, to think, plan and work together. Through African unity we can at once deal with border disputes; have a coordinated defence system; a bigger voice on the international stage and of course, that stronger currency that will be backed by our resources.”

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