Renowned South African musician, Sello “Chicco” Twala says he does not think his son killed former Bafana Bafana player, Senzo Meyiwa.

Twala has also rubbished social media claims that his gun was used to kill Meyiwa.

He was speaking on SABC’s Metro FM, responding to allegations by Meyiwa’s father made on the same radio station.

Meyiwa told Metro FM that one of the men who was with his son at Kelly Khumalo’s house in Vosloorus, east of Johannesbug, when he was murdered on 26 October 2014, was the one who shot and killed him, not robbers.

Meyiwa says the people who were with Senzo when he died are Chicco Twala’s son, Longwe, another man who is said to have been Meyiwa’s friend,  Khumalo, her sister, mom and children.

“The person who killed Senzo is one of the boys who were in Kelly’s house. No one came to the house as claimed. These boys are protecting themselves. One of the boys killed Senzo. His father paid money to the police so his son is not arrested,” says Meyiwa.

Listen to Meyiwa in the interview below:

Twala says if he suspected that his son had killed Senzo, he would have had him arrested.

“I don’t care, He is my son yes but if he had killed Senzo, and it was him and I suspected, I would have told you. I would have pushed for him to go to jail,” says Twala.

Twala says he was called to the house by Khumalo after the shooting and when he arrived Senzo was lying on the ground.

“I received a call from Kelly, crying saying they’ve shot Senzo. I rushed out of my house. I found Kelly, Longwe and another guy whom they said is Senzo’s friend… Senzo was lying there. I asked, what happened, they said two guys came in and they wanted to rob them and they killed Senzo. I don’t want to talk about Longwe, Longwe is an adult. I want to speak about my part.”

He also says his gun was never missing and was certainly not used to kill Senzo as alleged.

“My fire arm is always with me. I had this firearm in 1989. I’ve never shot anyone or even fired a warning shot. I was not missing,” says Twala.

Listen to Twala’s full interview below: