Cheryl Zondi expresses gratitude to her supporters

Cheryl Zondi on the stand
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The first alleged victim to testify in the sexual offences trial of  Nigerian pastor Timothy Omotoso and two others has written a public letter in which she expresses her gratitude for all the support she is getting.

Cheryl Zondi, who has been under intense cross-examination by defence lawyer Peter Daubermann, forwarded the letter to the SABC .

Several organisations and the public supported her in court. On social media people applauded her for being brave and fearless in the way she dealt with the questions.

She said she has been overcome with emotion.

She wrote, “being a woman in this world is a challenging task on its own, and we constantly find ourselves having to defend our dignity on a daily basis.”

Zondi wrote that the battle she is fighting is the same for others.

She pleaded that the same level of fierce support must be kept for fellow survivors taking the stand.

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