A group of history b0ffins are undertaking a project that will profile the life and times of Chatsworth, south of Durban.
The project, called “Mapping Chatsworth”, will profile the suburb by telling the stories of the streets, people and popular places.
Chatsworth is the largest and most famous – so called Indian “township” in South Africa.

Author and historian – Kiru Naidoo – says the project will take a look at the history of Chatsworth – from the days of the Group Areas Act to the multi-racial community it is today…

“Mapping Chatsworth is a project that centres around what we call the biography of a place. We tell stories of people,  but we really tell stories of places. This project dwells around the concept very similar to where they did it to district 6 in Cape Town – where they mapped every street, the people, the sports clubs, the recipes, the stories, the photographs, the songs, all of that as an urban history of a particular place…”

In the video below, made in Chatsworth by Kiru Naidoo: