Swaziland‘s Home Affairs Ministry says the changing of the name of the country to the Kingdom of eSwatini won’t happen overnight.

Home Affairs Minister Princess Tsandzile Dlamini says the renaming process will be done cautiously to prevent high costs.

Dlamini was reacting to criticism that the process will have serious financial effects.

King Mswati announced the country’s name change on Thursday.

Dlamini says the new name was used before the British colonised the country.

“The issue has come at the rightful time, we are 50 years-old now. We were called by the name that was used by the British, we are now taking back what belongs to us. We are eSwatini, we are most grateful and happy about that. But talking to letter heads of government to passport to everything it would have to take time so that we finish the stock that we have.”