The Commission for Gender Equality (CGE) says it will be monitoring the elections closely to check if what political parties promised in terms of issues of gender representivity are adhered to.

The commission says it will also be keeping an eye to see if women’s electoral representation and participation have been factored into all key stages and phases of the electoral process.

The CGE invited political parties prior to the elections, after analysing their manifestos and party lists to outline key challenges with respect to issues of gender-based violence and sexual harassment among others.

The commission’s Javu Baloyi says it is important to monitor gender equality during the elections.

“We would be also ensuring that pregnant women, people with disabilities and the aged are also given preference when it comes to elections.  It is very critical for a Chapter 9 institution like ourselves to be objective in assessing  South Africa and monitor how we are treating issues of gender transformation when it comes to elections, how we look at issues of equality, how we look at issues of representivity.”

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