Police Minister Bheki Cele says the National Command Council may decide to move certain areas back to Level 5 of the lockdown.

Cele and KwaZulu-Natal MEC for Transport, Community Safety and Liaison, Bheki Ntuli, visited areas in and around Pietermaritzburg to check on compliance by both businesses and members of the public.

Cele was unhappy with the non-compliance by members of the public on the streets, either for not wearing face masks or not adhering to social distancing.

Cele visited KwaDambuza Township in Pietermaritzburg where he went house-to-house and visited shopping centres to check on compliance.

Cele says the National Command Council may decide which areas need to move to different levels of the lockdown, depending on the infection rates and the behaviour of communities in those areas.

“Under (Level) four things are similar to (Level) five, but it looks like there is more breaking of the law under 4, but you remember it has been decided that there are places that can be (Level) four others can be (Level) five. At the present moment,  we are all at Level 4, but we can recommend to say that place needs five and that can move to three.”

He defended the government’s decision to ban alcohol during the current Level 4 of the lockdown. He says the banning alcohol has reduced the incidents of crime.

“One thing we have learnt is that policing is not office work. The visibility has really contributed to the reduction of crime. Alcohol is not is just the question of entertainment. There is a lot of death and crime (related to alcohol consumption).”

Cele has reiterated the call from government for everyone to wear their masks in public, including when using public transport.

Below are Level-4 lockdown regulations: