CEO says no crisis at Charlotte Maxeke

Hospital theatre
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The CEO of the Charlotte Maxeke Johannesburg Academic Hospital, Gladys Bogoshi, says although there are concerns in the hospital’s oncology ward, there is no crisis at the facility.

The South African Human Rights Commission (SAHRC) conducted a site inspection at the hospital on Thursday.

The inspection follows reports of an alleged shortage of oncologists at the hospital.

A week ago, some staff members disrupted operations and trashed the hospital over the bonuses that the Health Department owes them.

Bogoshi was speaking during a media briefing at the hospital.

“The concern is the ability to attract the radiation oncologists in the public sector. Yes,  we are concerned that there are 3 when there are supposed to be 5. We only have two people assisting them. I wouldn’t call it a crisis, because they are trying their best. It’s not only about the radiation that the patients are getting. There are also other types of treatment that have to precede what they are doing. So it would be a crisis if patients were not getting any treatment whatsoever for anything.

The Commission’s Gauteng manager, Buang Jones, says they require further information on the matters concerning the hospital.

“We have not yet made any finding against the hospital. We are satisfied with what we have observed, but we have expressed that there are a number of issues that still require further information. We want them to furnish us with maintenance reports, and the vacancy rate but we will make a follow up with them to ensure that we cover every angle.”

“We are aware of the challenges, and given the specialised and unique treatment of the cancer patients, we will have to go through the information to assess the reasonableness of actions taken by the hospital to provide cancer treatment,” says Jones.