CEO of Liliesleaf hopes Mandela’s words are not forgotten

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Founder and chief executive officer of the Liliesleaf Trust, Nicholas Wolpe described Madiba as a selfless man.

He says his first encounter with Madiba was during a telephone call. “I was stricken that Madiba was asking questions about me, and one of the first things he said to me was that I remembered you being an ill baby.”

Liliesleaf Trust preserves the memory of theAfrican National Congress activists in the 1960s where the farm was used as a secret location for many prominent African National Congress leaders who went underground. The cadres were later arrested which later led to the event of the Rivonia trial.

The Founder and CEO of Liliesleaf Trust says he hopes that the words and principles Madiba stood for are not forgotten. Wolpe further says that Liliesleaf has not forgotten Tata Madiba.

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Wolpe emphasizes on Liliesleaf farm being different from the other houses Mandela lived in as it was the symbol of the liberation struggle.

“It was from there Liliesleaf that Madiba as the first Commander and Chief of the newly formed wing Umkhonto weSizwe operated from”.

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