Central University of Technology students threaten to protest against not getting financial allowances

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A group of students from the Central University of Technology (CUT) in Bloemfontein has threatened to continue with a protest outside the main entrance of the institution.

The students held a night vigil at the institution where they also burnt tyres to keep themselves warm.

The students are complaining that they have not received their financial allowances for July from National Student Financial Aid Scheme (NSFAS).

They claim the late payment in previous months resulted in them being evicted from their places of residence.

Some say the current SRC has been imposed on them and their marks are incorrectly captured.

“We have issues of allowances not paid on time. Others they don’t pay them in full, so you wonder how is the person going to pay [for] their allowances. There are rents and transport and all that. We have marks that are not captured correctly,” says one student.

“We don’t have marks that are captured correctly when you check your script you know that you passed, you have your 70%  [but on the] portal you [obtained] 40% you failed. You [are then] supposed to repeat that module because of their incompetency. They drink tea the whole day and we have to suffer the consequences at the end of the year,” add some of the students.