CemAir grounded after suspension

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The Civil Aviation Authority says concerns over the systematic failure of CemAir‘s maintenance controls has prompted its suspension.

The CAA announced the suspension on Friday. The High Court in Johannesburg had granted the airline a temporary order lifting the suspension a few days after the CAA suspended its operator certificates last month.

The High Court had also ordered the airline to comply with regulations. The CAA says the most recent annual renewal audit revealed CemAir’s inability to prove the continued airworthiness of its fleet.

CAA spokesperson Phindiwe Gwebu says they had been engaging the airline on its Corrective Action Plan in recent weeks.

“We’ve engaged them extensively they’ve submitted several versions of the CAP, but unfortunately today as we concluded the process we were not able to get a satisfactory CAP in relation to the maintenance of their fleet. And this decision therefore affects the entire fleet. And that to us is a very serious thing because if we cannot, guarantee that the maintenance of the aircraft is of a standard that can ensure safety, we’re unable then to allow the airline to operate.”