Cele announces strategies to deal with gang violence in PE

Bheki Cele talking
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Plans have been announced for the gang-ridden northern areas of Nelson Mandela Bay in the Eastern Cape.

The activation of a task team last week has already made major inroads.

Police Minister Bheki Cele has also committed to a new police station in the Chatty area by early 2019.

An additional 40 more men in blue have been allocated  for the gang riddled areas, this in an attempt to bring stability to the area.

At least 10 people have died in gang related shootings in the past month.

Cele believes a multi-faceted approach will go a long way.

“On top of that there is a unit of 30 people that will be dedicated to gangs and gang related issues only other than working on general crimes. But also another team working with prosecutors speaking to the minister and those prosecutors must work with the team so when we arrest you, you don’t get bail.”

Also in the pipeline is a dedicated anti-gang unit to assist the task team.