Cele announces measures to deal with Westbury’s protestors concerns

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Police Minister Bheki Cele has announced measures to deal with the concerns of the protesting residents of Westbury, west of Johannesburg.

Cele says an investigation will be launched on Tuesday into allegations that local police are colluding with drug dealers and engaging in corrupt activities.

He says the outcome of this investigation will be announced in a week’s time.

Cele also says the police’s Tactical Response Unit will be deployed to Westbury from Tuesday to patrol the streets of the area and help deal with crime in the area.

Addressing a meeting called by the Westbury community, Cele says, “Our job from now on is to clean the streets of gangsters. We allow you to sleep better, and we make sure that drug lords are chased out of and make sure that criminals are found and make sure that the people of this area regardless of their colour they become people of South Africa and government takes care of everybody.”

Residents of Westbury, west of Johannesburg, have warned of more protests should the Police Minister Bheki Cele’s promise not yield positive results.

Cele visited the area following days of violent community protests over drug related violence and crime. The protests were sparked by the fatal shooting of a woman caught in a crossfire involving alleged drug dealers.

On Monday a Rea Vaya bus station was petrol bombed and several protesters arrested for public violence. Westbury community leader Carol Sally.

“We are not happy at all but they said within 24-hours we wanna see a change. If we dont see change within 24 hours believe me we will burn.”


“Arrest of perpetrators won’t bring back wife”

The husband of a woman who’s death sparked the violent protests in Westbury says the arrest of the perpetrators will not bring his wife back.

Reuben Peterson was reacting to Police Minister Bheki Cele’s undertaking that police will apprehend the remaining two suspects sought in connection with the fatal shooting of his wife within the next 48 to 72 hours.

Two suspects are behind bars and two others are being sought. Peterson says the Cele’s promises don’t give him any comfort.

“That’s not gonna bring my wife back. Why didn’t he come here to me. I’m the one who’s suffering here. So the ministers whatever does no impress me. I’ve got better things to do. Right now I’m gonna get my family and go to the mortuary and all that.”