Cederberg Municipality becomes first hung council to form coalition government

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The Cederberg Municipality in the Western Cape has become the first hung council in the country to form a coalition government.

The DA, FF-Plus and Cederberg First Residents Association have struck a deal to govern the municipality previously run by the ANC.

The DA’s Federal Council Chairperson Helen Zille shared the details of the deal.

“We got out of the blocks very early, we put together a coalition with the CE, the Cederberg Eerster as you know and with the FF+, we put together a stable coalition and we don’t want to bicker with anyone. We want to get on with service delivery. Cederberg Eerste gets the mayor, DA gets the speaker and the FF+ gets the deputy mayor, but the point is not about the post to say who gets what, the purpose is to get good local government going, stable local government going, and that’s what we’re trying to achieve.”