EU urges US to reconsider decision to cut ties with WHO

30 May 2020, 6:35 PM
The European Union urged the United States on Saturday to reconsider its decision to cut ties with the World Health Organisation over its handling of the coronavirus pandemic.
Saudi says Turkish probe shows Khashoggi murder ‘premeditated’ 25 October 2018, 8:02 PM

Saudi Arabia said Thursday the murder of journalist Jamal Khashoggi appeared to have been premeditated, based on information from Turkey, backing away from an earlier claim that he was killed in a brawl.

China blasts Trump phone hack report as ‘fake news’ 25 October 2018, 1:45 PM

Beijing on Thursday dismissed a New York Times report that alleged Chinese intelligence eavesdropped on Donald Trump's cellphone calls as "fake news" and joked the US president should switch to a Chinese phone.

Israel warplanes strike Gaza after rocket fire 25 October 2018, 11:20 AM

An Israeli army spokesperson said the raids were in response to a rocket fired from Gaza which caused no casualties or damage but which evaded Israel's Iron Dome defense system, triggering an inquiry.

Saudi leaders have denied involvement in Khashoggi's murder, pushing responsibility down the chain of command
Qatar may benefit from Khashoggi fallout: analysts 25 October 2018, 6:21 AM

Global diplomatic fallout from the murder of journalist Jamal Khashoggi in Saudi Arabia's Istanbul consulate may help Qatar in its political stand-off with the kingdom, experts said.

Saudi crown prince deplores ‘painful’ Khashoggi murder in first comments 24 October 2018, 9:22 PM

Saudi Arabia's crown prince on Wednesday denounced the "painful" murder of journalist Jamal Khashoggi and vowed justice would prevail...

US Secret Service investigates explosive devices sent to Obama, Clinton 24 October 2018, 9:04 PM

The United Secret Service is investigating explosive devices sent in the mail to former President Barack Obama and the home of former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton.

EU parliament approves ban on single-use plastics 24 October 2018, 7:56 PM

The European Parliament voted overwhelmingly Wednesday for an EU-wide ban on single-use plastics such as straws, cutlery, cotton buds and balloon sticks. The European Commission, the 28-nation EU’s executive arm, proposed banning such items that it said account for 70 percent of the waste in the oceans and beaches. “Today we are one step closer […]

Jamal Khashoggi
Spain PM defends selling arms to Saudi despite journalist’s death 24 October 2018, 6:21 PM

Spain's Socialist prime minister defended Wednesday arms deliveries to Saudi Arabia despite an outcry over the murder of a Saudi journalist, saying it was in the country's "interests" to keep selling military hardware to the kingdom.

White House condemns ‘despicable’ acts targeting Obama, Clinton 24 October 2018, 5:12 PM

 The White House on Wednesday condemned "despicable" acts targeting Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton, after authorities intercepted suspicious packages addressed to the former president and defeated presidential nominee.

UN envoy talks new constitution with Syria FM 24 October 2018, 4:21 PM

Outgoing UN envoy Staffan de Mistura met with Syria's top diplomat in Damascus on Wednesday, the UN and state media said, to try to make progress on a post-war constitution.

Palestinian killed by Israeli fire in West Bank clash 24 October 2018, 11:35 AM

The Palestinian ministry named the dead man as Mohammed Bisharat, 21, and said he had taken a bullet to the chest.

UN warns half Yemen’s people could soon be on brink of famine 24 October 2018, 11:15 AM

The United Nations aid chief sounded the alarm at the Security Council on Tuesday that half the population of war-torn Yemen, some 14 million people could soon be on the brink of famine and completely relying on humanitarian aid for survival.

Brazil poll shows far-right candidate Bolsonaro leading in elections 24 October 2018, 7:32 AM

The poll showed Bolsonaro winning 57 percent of valid votes to Haddad’s 43 percent, compared to 59 percent for Bolsonaro and 41 percent for Haddad in Ibope’s previous survey last week.

More than 20 injured in Rome escalator collapse 24 October 2018, 7:10 AM

More than 20 people, mainly Russian football fans, were injured Tuesday when an escalator in a metro station in central Rome collapsed, firefighters said.

US slams ‘one of worst cover-ups’ in Khashoggi case 24 October 2018, 6:14 AM

The United States said Tuesday it was revoking visas of Saudis involved in the murder of journalist Jamal Khashoggi, as President Donald Trump ridiculed the kingdom’s response as “one of the worst cover-ups” in history. The move came as Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan said Khashoggi’s killing inside the Saudis’ Istanbul consulate had been meticulously […]

Hurricane Willa bears down on Mexico 23 October 2018, 8:30 PM

Mexico braced Tuesday for the impact of Hurricane Willa as the Category 3 storm barreled toward its Pacific Coast with what forecasters warned would be potentially deadly force.

UN condemns uncivil conduct of Cuban, Bolivian diplomats 23 October 2018, 2:32 PM

The US Ambassador has called on the United Nations (UN) Secretary General to condemn what she calls the unprofessional conduct of Cuban and Bolivian delegates who disrupted as US-sponsored event at the world body last week.

Erdogan wants Istanbul trial over ‘planned’ Khashoggi murder 23 October 2018, 2:17 PM

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan on Tuesday called for the trial in Istanbul of the Saudi suspects in the murder of journalist Jamal Khashoggi, a crime that he said was intricately planned days in advance.

Suspected explosive device found at George Soros’ New York home 23 October 2018, 11:53 AM

A package containing what appeared to bean explosive device was found in a mail box outside the New York residence of billionaire financier George Soros on Monday, police said.

Turkey’s Erdogan to reveal ‘naked truth’ about Khashoggi murder 23 October 2018, 7:25 AM

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan is expected Tuesday to reveal what he has said is the "naked truth" about the murder of Jamal Khashoggi at the Saudi consulate in Istanbul a killing Ankara has said was "savagely planned".

UK PM holds course against mutinous party over Brexit 22 October 2018, 7:15 PM

British Prime Minister Theresa May urged her increasingly mutinous party on Monday to back her strategy over Brexit...

EU urges US, Russia talks to “preserve” nuclear treaty 22 October 2018, 3:18 PM

The European Commission on Monday urged the United States and Russia to pursue talks to preserve a nuclear weapons treaty after President Donald Trump said Washington was withdrawing from the deal.

Turkey vows to reveal ‘naked truth’ over Khashoggi death 22 October 2018, 11:59 AM

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan on Sunday vowed to reveal within days the "naked truth" over the death of journalist Jamal Khashoggi.

Donald Trump
Honduran migrants march as Trump vows ‘full efforts’ to halt them 22 October 2018, 8:14 AM

Thousands of Honduran migrants whose trek toward the United States has triggered tirades from US President Donald Trump forged on Sunday after crossing a river into Mexico, marching for hours.

Scott Morrison
‘We failed them’: Australia apologises to child sex abuse victims 22 October 2018, 5:35 AM

Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison issued a national apology to thousands of victims of institutional sex abuse Monday, admitting the state utterly failed to stop "evil, dark crimes" committed over decades.

Eighteen dead after train flips in Taiwan 21 October 2018, 9:01 PM

At least 18 people have died after an express train derailed and flipped over on a popular coastal tourist route in Taiwan on Sunday, the island's worst rail accident for more than 25 years.

Trump, Europeans call Saudi account of Khashoggi death inadequate 21 October 2018, 4:35 PM

US President Donald Trump joined European leaders on Saturday in pushing Saudi Arabia for more answers about Jamal Khashoggi after Riyadh changed its story and acknowledged that the journalist died more than two weeks ago at its consulate in Istanbul. 

US President Donald Trump and Russian counterpart Vladimir Putin
Russia warns Trump over ‘dangerous’ plan to quit nuclear treaty 21 October 2018, 1:47 PM

Moscow on Sunday warned US President Donald Trump that his plan to ditch a Cold War-era nuclear weapons treaty with Russia was a dangerous step.

Donald Trump
Trump says US will pull out of nuclear arms deal with Russia 21 October 2018, 7:04 AM

President Donald Trump confirmed Saturday that the United States plans to leave Cold War-era nuclear weapons treaty with Russia, which criticized the move as Washington's latest effort to be the sole global superpower.

US craze for DNA ‘heritage’ tests may bolster racism, critics warn 20 October 2018, 10:02 PM

Millions of Americans are using DNA test kits sold online to research their ancestry, either out of simple curiosity or to find answers about their identity.