Retired colonel sworn in as Mali interim president after coup

25 September 2020, 8:31 PM
Retired colonel Bah Ndaw was sworn in as Mali's interim president on Friday, tasked with presiding over an 18-month transition back to civilian rule after a military coup.
Somali Flag
Scores reported killed in clan clashes in breakaway Somali region 24 October 2018, 2:12 PM

Fighting between clansin Somalia's breakaway Somaliland region has killed more than 50people, a witness at the scene and an official in neighbouring Puntland said on Tuesday.

Zimbabwe opposition calls for ‘transitional’ govt to fix crisis 24 October 2018, 6:20 AM

Zimbabwe's main opposition leader Nelson Chamisa has called for a transitional government to resolve the worsening economic and political crisis engulfing the country.

Tsetse fly out of Zimbabwe’s hot Zambezi valley 23 October 2018, 9:04 PM

The tsetse fly - an insect that transmits trypanosomiasis or sleeping sickness - could soon die out in Zimbabwe's Zambezi Valley due to rising temperatures, a study said Tuesday.

Nelson Chamisa greeting supporters
MDC to hold its 19th-anniversary celebrations 23 October 2018, 4:07 PM

Zimbabwe's opposition leader, Nelson Chamisa says the MDC will hold its 19th-anniversary celebrations this coming weekend whether police grants his party permission to do so or not.

Kenya wins case against Cortec Mining on licences 23 October 2018, 2:52 PM

The Kenyan government has won a case brought against it by Cortec Mining Kenya Limited, Cortec (pty) Limited and Stirling Capital Limited over the revocation of a mining licence in 2013, an arbitrators' ruling showed.

Biya wins Cameroon election to extend 36-year rule 23 October 2018, 7:43 AM

Cameroonian President Paul Biya has won re-election by a landslide, official results showed on Monday

UN-AU envoy urges ‘stern action’ against Darfur rebel chief 22 October 2018, 8:44 PM

A special envoy urged the UN Security Council on Monday to consider "stern action" against rebel chief Abdul Wahid Nur for resisting efforts to bring peace to Sudan's troubled Darfur region.

Security tight as Cameroon’s Biya wins seventh presidential term 22 October 2018, 5:34 PM

Paul Biya, who has ruled Cameroon with an iron fist since 1982, on Monday won a landslide victory in a controversial presidential election...

Peter Ayodele Fayose walking with an entourage
Nigerian former state governor charged with corruption 22 October 2018, 4:08 PM

A leading opposition politician and critic of Nigeria's President Muhammadu Buhari appeared in court on Monday on corruption charges, less than a week after he stepped down as state governor.

DRC ruling coalition spokesman says house attacked ahead of vote 22 October 2018, 2:48 PM

The Democratic Republic of Congo's ruling coalition spokesman said Monday his house was sprayed with bullets overnight in the capital Kinshasa, just two months ahead of a key vote.

Curfew declared in Nigerian city after deadly sectarian violence 22 October 2018, 10:48 AM

Nigerian authorities declared a 24-hour curfew Sunday in Kaduna after clashes between young Christians and Muslims left at least 55 people dead.

Egypt denies alleged organ theft after British tourist’s death 22 October 2018, 6:16 AM

Egyptian authorities on Sunday denied reports of alleged organ theft after the body of a British tourist who died suddenly while on holiday was returned home without some organs.

Rebels kill 11, abduct 15 in DR Congo: security sources 21 October 2018, 6:06 PM

Rebels killed at least 11 people and abducted 15 others, including 10 children, in an overnight raid near Beni, near DR Congo's eastern border with Uganda, security sources said Sunday.

Joseph Kabila
Congo’s controversial voting machines on track for delivery 21 October 2018, 6:32 AM

Congo's deputy prime minister said on Saturday that tablet-like voting machines for December’s election had been made to order and will finish arriving this month, despite suspicions by diplomats and the opposition that they may enable fraud.

Boko Haram
Boko Haram kill 12 farmers in Nigeria 20 October 2018, 9:11 PM

Boko Haram jihadists on Saturday hacked 12 farmers to death as they worked on their fields in the volatile northeastern Nigerian state of Borno, civilian militia told AFP.

Mohammed Dewji
African billionaire abducted in Tanzania returns home safely 20 October 2018, 2:20 PM

Africa’s youngest billionaire, snatched a week ago off the street outside a luxury hotel in Tanzania, has returned back home safely.

Kenya's Opposition leader Raila Odinga.
Odinga offered AU top job 20 October 2018, 1:44 PM

Kenya's opposition leader Raila Odinga has been appointed as the High Representative for Infrastructure Development in Africa

Ethiopia's cabinet was reduced from 28 ministries to 20 and 10 women occupy key ministries.
UN, AU lauds Ethiopia’s gender-balanced cabinet 20 October 2018, 9:17 AM

Senior United Nations (UN) and African Union (AU) officials have applauded the gender-balanced cabinet that Ethiopia's reformist Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed has announced.

A view of Bangui
Russia to send more military trainers, equipment to CAR 19 October 2018, 8:15 PM

Russia said on Friday it planned to send additional military equipment to Central African Republic (CAR) and deploy 60 more instructors to train the country’s armed forces, escalating its most significant military foray in Africa in decades.

Cameroon court rejects all appeals over electoral conduct 19 October 2018, 3:25 PM

Cameroon's Constitutional Court rejected overnight a post-electoral appeal from Joshua Osih of the Social Democratic Front, the main opposition party, thus rebutting all 18 judicial protests made since a presidential vote.

Libyan FM rejects EU’s ‘disembarkation platforms’ 19 October 2018, 12:02 PM

Libya and its north African neighbours are opposed to the EU's plan for "regional disembarkation platforms" to stem the flow of migrants entering the bloc...

Rwandan leader reshuffles team after losing foreign minister 19 October 2018, 6:11 AM

Rwandan President Paul Kagame carried out a major ministerial reshuffle on Thursday

People walking with their belongings on a dirt road
DRC threatens international action over Angola expulsions 18 October 2018, 8:24 PM

The Democratic Republic of Congo on Wednesday threatened to take international action over Angola's recent, and allegedly violent, expulsion of some 200 000 illegal migrants from its west African neighbour.

Rape and hand graphic
Pressure grows in Liberia over ‘school rape’ storm 18 October 2018, 4:10 PM

Liberian Vice President, Jewel Taylor, on Tuesday lent her voice to demands for a probe into a United States (US) educational charity, after girls were raped at a school supposed to save them from a life of sexual exploitation.

Midwife murdered by Boko Haram hailed by father 18 October 2018, 12:40 PM

The father of a young midwife executed by Boko Haram has blasted the jihadists for killing his daughter, hailing on Wednesday the "immense help" she gave to her community and expressing hope for the safe release of other hostages.

How Russia moved into Central Africa 18 October 2018, 12:24 PM

When Central African Republic(CAR) pleaded for help last year to fight marauding militias,former colonial ruler France offered guns it had seized off Somalia.

Comoros clashes worsen despite official claims 18 October 2018, 6:09 AM

Comoros' government claimed Wednesday that clashes between troops and opponents of President Azali Assomani on the island of Anjouan had subsided despite witnesses describing continued violence.

Canada becomes first major economy to legalize recreational cannabis 18 October 2018, 5:45 AM

Canada on Wednesday became the world's first major economy to fully legalize cannabis, sparking celebrations as the nation embarked on the controversial experiment in drug policy.

James Ibori
Nigerian politician Ibori loses appeal against UK graft conviction 17 October 2018, 8:00 PM

A Nigerian politician who was jailed in Britain for laundering tens of millions of dollars in stolen public funds through British banks and properties lost an appeal against his conviction in London on Wednesday.

President Paul Biya casting his vote
Cameroon court hears calls for “irregular” election to be annulled 17 October 2018, 4:15 PM

Opposition candidates who say last week's presidential election in Cameroon was marred by fraud had their appeals heard at the country's Constitutional Council on Tuesday.