The Castle of Good Hope in Cape Town has closed due to COVID-19. Control Board CEO, Calvyn Gilfellan, says they are hoping to reopen on April, the 2nd, in time for the Easter holidays.

He says they were forced to take the decision when some staff came into contact with someone who has tested positive for the virus.

“Last week there was an international conference at the museum, opposite Parliament and obviously, the person who’d been identified was also one of the attendees at that conference. So, some of our staff, the Iziko staff were also at that conference. So, we’re not taking any chances and all. The Iziko museums and our museum at the Castle have been closed,” Gilfellan explains.

According to Gilfellen, the Castle of Good Hope could lose a million rand in revenue if it’s forced to keep its doors closed throughout the Easter Holidays.

He says they took the decision to close the iconic venue after some staff came into contract with a COVID-19 carrier last week.

He says he’s in daily contact with staff, trying to keep them calm.

“Obviously their major worry is financial sustainability because our income comes from tourism so that’s their major worry. But I say you must first keep yourself alive so from that point of view, I’m giving them up to date info and so far, nobody has reported any symptoms.”

Castle of Good Hope Statement: 

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