Cash-in-transit heists planned from inside prisons

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Many cash-in-transit heists are being planned from inside prisons by highly organised criminal syndicates.

This emerged during a panel discussion of crime experts, following the recent spate of cash-in-transit heists in the country.

The panel featured author of the just released book “Heist”, Anneliese Burgess, CEO of Cash Connect Richard Phillips and Unisa researcher Mahlongonolo Thobane.

In 2018 there have already been more than 140 cash heists.

Crime activist Yusuf Abramjee says an urgent police investigation needs to be done to root out the kingpins who are calling the shots from prison.

“There have been suggestions that some of these heists have been planned from inside prison, and this is very worrying and we know that some of these allegations have been made before and it has resurfaced once again.”

“I think the police have to get to the bottom of this because if this is the case and it is very worrying. We know for a matter of fact that a number of cash heist kingpins have been convicted and many of them are behind bars so I wouldn’t be surprised that these robbers are working from inside correctional facilities and that needs to be a subject of an urgent police investigation.”


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