Case opened against man referring to Cyril Ramaphosa by k-word

President Cyril Ramaphosa
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Former African National Congress (ANC) Councillor in KwaZulu-Natal, Brandon Pillay, has opened a case of crimen injuria against Durban businessman Kessie Nair for referring to President Cyril Ramaphosa by the derogatory “k-word”.

In a video that is being circulated on social media platforms, Nair refers to himself as the Founder of an organisation called the National Association Towards Violence, Crime and Abuse.

He is calling for President Ramaphosa to be charged for what he calls oppressing and failing South Africa.

Nair says he is prepared to face the full might of the law if he has to.

Pillay is calling for Kessie Nair to be arrested.

Nair’s video was uploaded on his personal Facebook page and has been going viral ever since.

Pillay says while many people contacted him to voice their concern around Nair’s views, he says something concrete has to be done.

“I was disgusted and disappointed to say the least, that in this day and age, any person can be able to use this word so freely. I mean he didn’t even stop to think about the fact that he was using such a word and he continues to use the word over and over and then he refers to the president, the state president by this word. And this, for me, is unacceptable and so I had to do something.”

Pillay says Nair’s reckless comments undermine the democracy that so many South Africans fought so hard for.

“Absolutely, I strongly believe that this undermines everything that we, as a country, have been working towards. And for me, the reality is that this will create certain conceptions in certain individuals to think other people feel this way when it’s not the case. This is just the case of an individual who doesn’t know what he’s saying.”

Meanwhile, Nair admits to a previous conviction of fraud. He was sentenced to six years in prison, and served four before he was released. He says that his time in prison led to his belief that government is not doing enough to curb crime and unemployment.

“It will create curiosity, reaction by society. We have so many different political parties and each party playing to the electorate on how to achieve unity. No one wakes up one morning and decides to assassinate the president of the country. And it was something I thought about for 13 years after languishing in prison with the 26 gang and how to take the country forward when I got out.”

Nair says he is prepared to go to court and back to jail if needs be.

“I don’t believe in the law that’s been created by man. It’s an illogical law. But I am prepared to respect it. If the law feels I got to appear in court I will come with no attorney. I’ll be there before anyone else.”

He, however, says that he is prepared to retract the statement against the president.

Presidential Spokesperson Khusela Diko was contacted for comment but was not available at the time of publication.

Watch the video below (sourced from Alternative Videos Youtube channel):