The case of former Tembisa Police Station police officer Nomia Ndlovu has been postponed to Thursday by the Johannesburg High Court sitting in Palm Ridge.

This is to allow the defence more time to examine the witnesses. Nomia Ndlovu is giving evidence for a second day in the Palm Ridge Magistrate’s Court.

She is accused of ordering the killing of her lover, Maurice Mabasa and five family members to claim their insurance policies amounting to over R1.4 million.

Ndlovu was arrested after allegedly asking an undercover police officer that she thought was a hitman to murder her sister and five children.

Several times High Court Judge Ramarumo Monama had to warn the former police officer to respond to questions in a decorum manner.

This as he felt that she was wasting the court’s time by diverting questions and responding to things she was not asked.

Ndlovu has denied her involvement in the alleged killings of her family members and partner, also disputing all the testimonies given by state witnesses.

Before adjourning the matter, Judge Monama ordered that Ndlovu be allowed to spend some time with her mother in the court building whom she has not seen since her arrest in 2018.

The trial will resume tomorrow