Four men accused of placing spikes on the road with the aim of robbing motorists have had their case postponed to the 1st of October in the Mokopane Magistrate’s court in Limpopo.

The case was postponed due to the recording machine being out of order. Police say the accused, undocumented foreign nationals, placed spikes at some points on the N1 and R101 roads, forcing motorists to stop after their cars’ tyres burst.

The accused are facing the charges of robbery, being in the country illegally, possession of fire-arms and ammunition.

NPA’s Mashudu Malabi-Dzhangi says the accused have been remanded in custody.

“The bail of four men who were placing the spikes at N1 and R101 roads could not proceed in Mokopane Magistrate’s court because the recording machine was not working the suspects are remanded in custody until 1 October 2021 for bail proceedings.”

VIDEO: Operation O Kae Molao nabs a suspect targeting motorists by placing spikes on roads: