Carrying Asia’s hopes: Korea Republic

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Team: Korea Republic

FIFA Ranking: 57

Nickname: Taeguk Warriors

They are Asia’s most frequent visitors at World Cup events.
Inconsistent form and poor results saw the team chop and change their long-time relied-on starting line-up.
In the end they scraped through to Brazil 2014 through goal difference.

FIFA World Cup history

Korea Republic has never won a single match until they hosted Korea/Japan in 2002. They managed a semi-final finish in 2002

2010: They reached the knock-out stages, making history by achieving such feat for the first time on foreign soil.

Key players

Son Heungmin
Koo Jacheol
Lee Chungyong

Coach: Hong Myungbo

Country Profile
Korea Republic also referred to as South Korea is located in the Korean Peninsula. Korean is the sole language spoken in the country. It is spoken by over 65 million people. Close to half of the population is not religiously affiliated.

Religious groups found in the country include Christians, Buddhists and Confucianists. Sweet potatoes are South Koreans favourite vegetable and can be found in different servings.

North and South Korea were previously one country however became separate at the end of World War II. South Korea was established in 1948.

The country’s economy is one of the fastest growing in the Asia. The Gross Domestic Product (GDP) grew 0.9 % in the first quarter of the year however the economy is prone to an increase in inflation.

In the last quarter of 2013 the GDP only increased 3.9 %. The country exports products including electronic, petrochemicals and high-tech manufactured products.

• Full name: The Republic of Korea
• Population: 48.6 million (UN, 2012)
• Capital: Seoul
• Area: 99,313 sq km (38,345 sq miles)
• Major language: Korean
• Major religions: Buddhism, Christianity; nearly half of adults profess no religion
• Life expectancy: 77 years (men), 84 years (women) (UN)
• Monetary unit: won
• Main exports: Electronic products, machinery and transport equipment
• GNI per capita: US $20,870 (World Bank, 2011)
• Internet domain: .kr
• International dialling code: +82

– By Tshepo Tsheole and Lerato Matlala