Capetonians show up in numbers to help clean Table Mountain as part of International ‘Take A Hike Day’

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Capetonians have responded in numbers following an invite from the Table Mountain Aerial Cableway to help clean the mountain. This forms part of International “Take A Hike Day”.

Organisers say outdoor activities became very popular during the various stages of lockdown, and the mountain saw more people taking up hiking.

Giselle Esau of the Table Mountain Cableway says the public has been invited to help return the mountain to its former pristine condition.

“Last year, we were in lockdown and as the cableway, we got some complaints about how dirty the mountain was and we feel that as the City of Cape Town something as iconic as the mountain needs to be protected and looked after by us. So, that’s why we started this initiative because we want people of this city, to look after this iconic landmark.”

Table Mountain falls within the Cape Floral Kingdom. It is the smallest, but also the richest in species of the six floral kingdoms on earth. For those who are fit and able, walking up the mountain from a myriad of angles is becoming increasingly popular.

Each person was given a plastic bag to pick up rubbish.

A high school in the area brought learners, teachers, and parents for the cleanup. Herzlia High School’s Benjamin Blumenthal says they are disappointed with the amount of litter on the mountain.

“We filled bags and bags of litter and those who collected the litter there was loads and loads of people ahead of them so there was a lot of litter on the mountain and it did surprise us, it was quite disappointing but with more initiatives like this we can keep our mountain clean.”

Herzlia High School’s Clara Machado says, “We’re leaving this planet behind when we go, so it’s not only about us and this is what we try to teach our kids, it’s not about me it’s about the community, it’s about everybody coming after us and it’s important.”

Hundreds of Capetonians help to clean Table Mountain:

Regular explorers and hikers expressed dismay at how much rubbish people leave behind. Nature lover Marshall Kiewiet has called for tourists to pick up after themselves.

“If you use the mountain, all the rubbish, all the cooldrinks that you use take it, put it in your bag, discard it in the bin. The mountain is here for all of us to use and we all want a beautiful mountain.”

Even the SABC’s own contributed to making a difference. The tagline for Good Hope FM is Connecting Cape Town.

Good Hope FM News Reader Sandra Rosenberg says it’s a great way to give back.

“This is such a great way for us to give back to Cape Town. During the lockdown, a lot of us got used to hiking and this is the time that you now give back. So taking a hike doesn’t just mean like the euphemism, like good girl, no it’s about going and connecting with nature but while you’re connecting with nature, can we also clean up.”

It’s hoped the Take a Hike day will inspire people to keep their natural surroundings clean all year round to allow nature to flourish.

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