Cape Town’s biggest art mural unveiled

A drawing of a dog wearing aviator goggles
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One of Cape Town‘s biggest public art murals has been unveiled in the CBD. Created by Belgian street artist Bart Smeets, the masterpiece is a bit surreal showing a dog with an aviator hat and goggles reflecting the sky.

Bart Smeets is creating his magic, transforming the 400 square metre wall in Harring Street, using spray paint alone.

However, somehow he manages to capture such iconic natural beauty, examining the relationship between domestic animals and people.

“The colours that I use often change. But I use not super saturated colours but still try to create a colourful image. It’s in a public space so it’s important that a lot of people can appreciate it and not make something shocking. Otherwise if I make something shocking it won’t be approved and I can also understand that this is a neighbourhood and you want something nice to look at. So I try to make a painting that puts a smile in people’s faces.”

It is colourful and playful; Smeets plays with depth and 3D illusions giving passers-by something much more than just imagery.

“Public art was very big in South Africa maybe 20 years ago and then especially in Cape Town it kind of disappeared and now it’s like a new wave, a new generation of public art appearing and it’s very recent. It’s like the last few years that we see it appearing. You may ask why a dog, why this surrealistic approach, where is the plane coming from? That’s all the points that you can talk about with the neighbours, people passing by in the street. So it creates like awareness around art,” says Founder Baz-Art Alex Tilmans.

The mural is a teaser for what art lovers can expect at the third International Public Art Festival in Salt River to be held next year February which brings together local and international street artists to showcase their skills, share ideas, educate and increase awareness around public art.

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